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Recruitment Process

Employment Solutions for People with Disabilities and NOVA Human Capital Solutions have come together to facilitate employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in the business sector.

The target group is persons with disabilities in Gauteng with at least a Grade 12 qualification.

Placement process

Employment Solutions will be responsible for the recruitment, assessment and empowerment of candidates with disabilities whilst NOVA Human Capital Solutions will be responsible to secure prospective positions with various employers and facilitate the placement process.

To make sure that all relevant information is available for placements and that the candidates are ready to be placed, the following process will be followed:

Employment Solutions will:

  • Receive the candidate's CV
  • Arrange at the office of Employment Solutions
  • Assess skills and capabilities
  • Suggest work readiness training at Employment Solutions (if relevant)

NOVA Human Capital Solutions will be responsible to:

  • Interview with the candidate at Employment Solutions
  • Market the candidate to prospective employers
  • Set up interviews with selected employers
  • Finalise placement

Relevant documents that should be submitted during the first interview:

  • Application form (handwritten by candidate if possible)
  • Verified copy of ID
  • Matriculation certificate
  • Qualifications
  • Proof of disability (Medical or occupational therapy report)

Contact information at NOVA Human Capital Solutions:


Visit the NOVA Human Capital Solutions website

Latest modification: 20/03/2017