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Employment Solutions provide employment opportunities and learnership access for individuals with disabilities, while servicing the business world and increasing the awareness of the challenges that people with disabilities face.

The role of Employment Solutions is to:

  • Handle all recruitment related enquiries
  • Manage a professional recruitment process with an emphasis on ensuring that potential candidates are treated with dignity, respect and understanding, and that the right person is placed in the right position
  • Identify potential companies to approach per candidate bearing in mind:
    • Company cultures and environments in terms of suitability to cater for the needs of persons with disabilities
    • Needs and attributes of each candidate
  • Approach targeted companies. This could involve proactive approaches or alternatively responding to queries that come directly from potential employers themselves who want to employ people with disabilities
  • Engage directly with companies face to face to analyse and define:
    • Workplace readiness for those with disabilities
    • Company needs and roles specific duties, deliverables and challenges
    • Company expectations as well as management of these expectations
    • Company culture fit
  • Interview candidates
  • Facilitate the preparation of candidates
  • Match potential candidates with potential employers
  • Conduct post-placement assessments that will include both company and candidate feedback

Contact information

E-mail: placements.employmentsolutions@gmail.com

Latest modification: 07/09/2018