Jacaranda Protective Workshop Forum

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Jacaranda Protective Workshop Forum

The Jacaranda Protective Workshop Forum is a platform where protective workshops in the Gauteng region have the opportunity to communicate, share, learn and support each other. The management team provides guidance and assistance in product development and marketing. The Forum also provides craft product training and marketing inputs available to all the member workshops.


The Jacaranda Protective Workshop Forum started in 2004 when some protective workshops got together to share information and support each other.

The Jacaranda Forum has grown to more than 26 members, consisting of Workshops from all over Tshwane. The Workshops cater for individuals with various disabilities, including physical, visual, hearing, mental and intellectual disabilities.

Employment Solutions initiated the Forum as a project and currently has a managerial role, which assists amongst others in administration and human resources, marketing as well as the management of finances.

The Department of Social Development is subsidising the Jacaranda Forum for Protective Workshops in Tshwane. The subsidy is used for marketing.


To empower and build the capacity of persons with disabilities to improve their quality of life, the Forum strives:

  • To market the abilities of persons with disabilities in protective workshops.
  • To promote the training of personnel and persons with disabilities in protective workshops
  • To act as a co-coordinating and liaising body for organisations engaged or interested in protective workshops.

Latest modification: 01/06/2016